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Who Is Butch Hamilton?

For over a decade and a half, Butch Hamilton has been committed to the art and science of search engine optimization. Creating content for search engine spiders is an innate trait which has led Hamilton on an incredible journey over the years. Having learned how the Internet on Google actually works was a constant work in progress as not format education in the process of SEO has been obtained. Actual "down in the trenches" hard work, dedication, determination, guts and a never quite attitude all work together to make this individual very unique in the world of search engine optimization services. From the early beginnings of his Internet experience in 2003, to the present time, there have been few on the Internet today who could compete with the style, type and amount of content that he has published live on the world wide web.

Visualization has been the deciding factor in each of the successful search engine optimized campaigns that he has created over the years. Learning each phase of the Internet including press release writing, blogging, image creation, podcasting, videos all play an integral part in each of the campaigns both ongoing and completed. Seeing within the mind first, before any actual work begins on the SEO campaign is the deciding factor to the outcome of the project. States Hamilton, "I let the Universe guide my steps as I visualize the success of any website, any blog post, any image created and any podcast or video that I create. This is the reason that my particular style of search engine optimization is so unique in this world of digital creations. I have learned through tough breaks to never follow anyone on the web who claims to be an SEO guru. I learned early on that they path to success on the web, or in life, is to be the master of your own fate. This is exactly how I live and what it do."

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Enter the Podcast

Podcasting has always been a favored part of the creative processes of Butch Hamilton. The natural and easy speaking style, combined with superior knowledge of the subject of search engine optimization, makes for some very interesting podcasts, especially for those owning business websites that are seeking maximum effectiveness for their promoting efforts. Butch Hamilton Podcasts, the main podcast site, contains at the present time, twenty five episodes all directly pertaining to telling the real story about search engine optimization services and why those are such critically needed elements in any successful business program found on the web. There have been some very interesting events just recently that has captured the attention of Hamilton to such a degree, that he is making the following bold statement about podcasting.

The Podcast is the Beginning of the New SEO Revolution!

Hamilton is fully dedicating his time to the research and development of search engine optimization podcasts and testing their effectiveness on the major search engines of the web. He is currently finding that the search engine spider bots of the web are looking favorably upon the podcast and are assimilating information for the placement of info on the Internet for keywords and phrases. This is exciting news for podcasters who follow strict guidelines of creating positive and original content. The research is ongoing and much more will be known about this topic in the coming months from Hamilton's research and testing, but for now, all indications lead to the same positive conclusion about the podcast. They indeed are becoming the new standard in SEO!

Search Engine Optimization - The Thinking Person's Profession

There can be no doubt that search engine optimization services, the art and science of critically viewing a website from a search engine spider's objective and the creative content intended to reach the pinnacle of Google for any keyword or keyword phrase imaginable, is indeed, a thinking person's profession. Along with hours spent creatively and progressively writing content that is both appealing to the search engine spider software, as well as highly readable by the human eye, is an art form all unto itself. As Butch Hamilton explains, "I really am not the creator of anything. I am the simple vehicle whereby the content is created for a special purpose and the intent to reach a top keyword on the web. There is nothing difficult about this at all; however, unless one can learn to simplify the thinking in that area, no success at all will be seen."

Media distribution by Butch Hamilton Podcasts covers many popular podcasting hosts.

Media Distribution

The podcasts of Butch Hamilton reach far across various podcast hosts to provide as many people exposure to this valuable and insightful information as possible. There is also another reason for the distribution oi the content as well. People use different podcasting services to listen to podcasts. Hamilton believes in offering multiple options in this area to assure that everyone who want the info can find it on their respective services. A few of the podcasts host currently are Spotify, Player FM, Itunes, Google Podcasts, ListenNotes, Pandora, TalkShoe, PodBean, TuneIn and Amazon.

In the News!

Press releases are an integral part of the search engine optimization process. Well written press releases can be distributed across the web to many powerful and well read systems offering even more exposure for the links and websites being promoted. Butch Hamilton has specialized in the writing of effective and inspired press releases. Always following the pattern of who, what, where, when and why, these press releases adequately explain to the reader many of the more popular techniques and strategies that are used by Hamilton in the SEO process.